Sunday, October 7, 2018

Want airplay? Get listed.


College radio season is well underway,
and independent radio stations from
around the world are also continuously
in need of new music.

While getting your music to stand out
among the many "singles" and albums
may be tough, you can get the airplay
you deserve.

We make it easy with Album Register.
Get listed!


By getting listed, stations can find out
about your music and request your album
or "single" for airplay. Now you can
stand out from the crowd!

We also provide you with a unique way
to deliver your music to the radio stations.
This is done through your own "AlbumZip"
we create for you. It's a one click
download URL that allows you to easily
send even your entire album to radio stations.

Our radio promotion service "Album Register"
is one Major step forward in your music
career. Got a Album or "Single" out? Take
the next step.

Get Listed:

You can get airplay by making your music
directly available to radio stations
world-wide. Whether you have a single to
push, or a whole album you want DJs to
select from, airplay (on-the-air) is
a few easy steps away.

Part of the reason we keep our prices low is
because we also keep our advertising budget low.
You can help us get the word out by simply
telling others about our services. Thanks
for reading and staying updated.

Talk to a customer service representative.
Feel free to call 1-586-480-3000 (USA/Canada)
or +01.586.480.3000 (all other countries) OR
you can call the less personal toll free
number at 1-888-463-4336.

Warm Regards,

3000 Records


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